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Camella Homes Candon boasts of a distinct, classically Spanish architectural aesthetic throughout the entire residential development. This architectural style perfectly captures the Filipino-Spanish heritage of the city and Camella Homes’ signature contemporary style that promises stylish and comfortable living.

Visitors to this rising residential development will immediately be greeted by a beautifully designed entrance gate, complete with meticulously landscaped foliage. This beautiful entrance gate sets the aesthetic tone that future residents can expect and enjoy from Camella Homes Candon.

Another feature of this entrance gate will be 24/7 security provided by trained personnel to ensure the constant safety of the residents. All guests will be required to check in with the security personnel to prevent unauthorized entry to the community.

The developer also designated a spacious park and playground area, where future residents of the development will enjoy the balmy weather and clear skies that the resort town of Candon has always been known for. The park and playground area will be designed to boast of wide open spaces and immaculately landscaped foliage specially chosen to reflect the community’s tropical Spanish aesthetic. Future residents can enjoy hanging out in the park while enjoying a cool breeze or socialize with their neighbors. The playground, on the other hand, will offer Camella Candon’s younger residents a safe, secure, and fun space to meet new friends and enjoy specially designed facilities.

Sports and fitness enthusiasts will also enjoy the basketball court, which is designed according to official standards and boasts of complete facilities for an enjoyable game. Residents can organize a community tournament or invite neighbors for a friendly game after work hours or during the weekend. Aside from this, the development’s beautifully paved roads that run through the 11-hectare development also serves as the perfect jogging path for those who need to get in some exercise in the morning for a fresh start. And because the community is safe and secure at all times, residents can go for a quiet evening walk after dinner to enjoy the cool, fresh breeze of this quaint resort town.

For true resort town living, Camella Homes has also included a swimming pool facility in this residential development. Residents can take a refreshing dip in the cool pool waters during the summer and extra balmy days, or even get in a couple of laps for daily exercise. The pool will be situated near the community clubhouse, where residents can gather for socialization or for a fun poolside get-together with select friends and family members.

Finally, there are the Camella Homes Candon function rooms, which are specially designed to bring the community together. Aside from community social gatherings, residents can also reserve these rooms for their private parties, where they can bring together family members and friends to enjoy all the beauty and comfort of living in this magnificent Spanish-inspired community.

  • Entrance Gate
  • Park and Playground
  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball Court
  • 24 hour security
  • Swimming Pool
  • Function Rooms
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